Bruce Franklin (guitarist)

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Bruce Franklin
Trouble - Jalometalli 2008 - 10.jpg
Bruce Franklin with Trouble, live in Jalometalli, Finland, 2008.
Background information
Birth nameBruce Franklin
OriginChicago, United States
GenresDoom metal, stoner rock, psychedelic rock
Years active1979–present
LabelsMetal Blade Records, Escapi Music
Associated actsTrouble, Supershine Generation, Tourniquet

Bruce Franklin is a founding member and guitarist for the American Doom Metal band Trouble. In 1979 Bruce Franklin formed the band with his hometown friends Eric Wagner, Rick Wartell, Jeff Olson and Ian Brown. After touring the Midwest and gaining popularity, Trouble was signed to Metal Blade Records in 1983. Franklin's main guitar is a 1964 Cherry Gibson SG.

Franklin is also in the band Supershine featuring King's X frontman Doug Pinnick and longtime Trouble drummer, Jeff Olson. Franklin appeared as a guest lead guitarist on Tourniquet's 2003 album Where Moth and Rust Destroy, and again on their 2012 album Antiseptic Bloodbath.[1] He also played guitar on Generation's 1993 album Brutal Reality. In 2013, Tourniquet's Ted Kirkpatrick announced that Franklin would contribute a guitar solo to his solo album 'The Tourniquet Ark'.

Bruce Franklin's main influence growing up was guitarist Tony Iommi. Bruce Franklin implements down tuned heavy metal riffs similar to Black Sabbath's, but mixed with highly psychedelic leads of Rick Wartell. Trouble is often considered one of the earliest bands to synthesize Doom Metal, heavy metal and psychedelic rock.


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