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Bruce Gentry
First issue of the Bruce Gentry comic book (January 1948)
Author(s) Ray Bailey
Current status / schedule Finished
Launch date March 25, 1945
End date January 6, 1951
Syndicate(s) Post-Hall Syndicate
Genre(s) Aviation adventure

Bruce Gentry was an aviation adventure comic strip by Ray Bailey, distributed by the Post-Hall Syndicate. It debuted March 25, 1945, and by July the strip had expanded to 35 newspapers.[1]

Characters and story[edit]

Comic strip historian Coulton Waugh called Bailey's Bruce Gentry a "job of very high technical skill." He further credited the artist with mastery of "exact perspective, high flexibility of expression and a feeling for drama."[1] Despite such high praise near the time of its inception, the Bruce Gentry series was not a long-term success. It ended January 6, 1951 with Gentry marrying his sweetheart Cleo Patric.[1][2]

Comics historian Don Markstein took note of the Milton Caniff influence:

Comic book[edit]

Ray Bailey's Bruce Gentry (1948) with Bruce and Cleo

In 1948-49, Four Star Publications and Superior Publishers, Ltd. teamed to publish eight issues of a Bruce Gentry reprint comic book. After the first issue (January 1948) from Four Star, the numbering was continued by Superior when it published issue #2 (November 1948). The earliest issues carried the subtitle, "America's Famous Newspaper Comic Strip". Superior maintained the run until issue #8 (July 1949). The subtitle on the final issue was "Romantic Adventures for Teen-agers!!"[3]


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Bailey's strip was adapted into the 1949 Bruce Gentry movie serial with Tom Neal in the title role.


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