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Bruce Guthrie is a senior Australian journalist and former newspaper and magazine editor.[1]

In November 2008 he was sacked as editor-in-chief of Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper: he sued his employer, Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd, and won: the court battle and some of Guthrie's earlier career is reported in his 2010 book Man Bites Murdoch: Four Decades in Print, Six Days in Court.[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Guthrie grew up in the working-class Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows. He briefly attended university and was a public servant before starting as a copy boy on The Herald in 1972.


Guthrie has been editor of The Sunday Age, The Age, the Herald Sun, Who Weekly, The Weekend Australian Magazine, and a senior editor at People Magazine in New York.[4]

Court case[edit]

Guthrie sued News Ltd in the Supreme court in April 2010 for $2.7 million and after a six-day trial was awarded $580,808.[5]


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