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Bruce Kapferer (born 4 June 1940 in Sydney[citation needed]) is an Australian social anthropologist and currently Professor of Anthropology at the University of Bergen and a Honorary Professor at University College London.


After years of teaching at Manchester, Kapferer founded the Anthropology department at the University of Adelaide being joined two years later by Kingsley Garbett, a colleague from Manchester, who came as Reader.[citation needed] Kapferer have played a major role in establishing new publication series of an anthropological and cross-disciplinary nature. Kapferer founded the journal Social Analysis with support of Michael Roberts who was succeeded as the main editor by Kingsley Garbett. He is currently professor of social anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway[1] and is once again the editor of Social Analysis. He is also one of the main editors of the journal Anthropological Theory, currently published by SAGE Publications. Kapferer was awarded the prestigious Huxley medal and lecture by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland in 2011. His Huxley lecture was titled, "How Anthropologists Think: Refiguring the Exotic".[citation needed]

His fieldwork interests span from Africa to Asia, on the issues of contemporary transitions in cosmological and ritual processes, thematically healing systems and folk drama, Buddhist cosmology, ethnic identity, nationalism and violence,Globalisation and State Sovereignty, peasant and urban political economies, and ecological systems.

Academic positions[edit]

 Visiting Professor, Deakin University

Selected publications[edit]

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