Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew

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Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew
Bruce Lee The Man Only I Knew.jpg
Book cover
Author Linda Lee Cadwell
Country United States
Language English
Subject Bruce Lee
Publisher Warner Books Inc
Publication date
April, 1975
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 207
ISBN 0-446-78774-4

Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew (ISBN 9780446894074) is a book about martial arts legend Bruce Lee, written by his widow, Linda Lee Cadwell.[1] The book was written very close to the time of Bruce Lee's death, thus being very close in Cadwell's memories. It is different from the one she wrote many years later.

The book was then the basis for the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story starring Jason Scott Lee as Bruce Lee and Lauren Holly as Linda Emery (her maiden name).[2]

At least three printings (April, June, August, 1975) of this book exist by Warner.