Bruce Lee and I

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Bruce Lee and I
MandarinLǐ Xiǎolóng yǔ wǒ
CantoneseLei5 Siu2 Lung4 jyu4 ngo5
Directed byLo Mar
Produced byEvan Yang
Betty Ting Pei
Written bySuen A-Foo
Shu Lan
Evan Yang
StarringBetty Ting Pei
Danny Lee
Music byKoo Ka-fai
CinematographyChan Ching-kui
Ng Faat-sam
Edited byLeung Wing-chan
Distributed byIntercontinental Video Limited
Release date
  • 9 January 1976 (1976-01-09)
Running time
102 min.
CountryHong Kong

[1]Bruce Lee and I (Chinese: 李小龍與我[2], released in the United States as Bruce Lee: His Last Days, His Last Nights[3]) is a 1976 Hong Kong biographical action film[4] directed by Lo Mar, and starring Betty Ting Pei and Danny Lee. The film [5]was released in the Hong Kong on 9 January 1976. The film is based on Bruce Lee's last days leading up to his death in Pei's apartment at Hong Kong on 20 July 1973[6].


The movie is mainly Betty Ting's story with Bruce Lee based on real life events.[8] Opens with Betty and Bruce rolling around in bed around the time he died. Continues with Betty telling her story to a bartender, beginning when she was a loner school girl, she meets Bruce when he saves her from a beating one night and gives her some money. She then attempts to break into show biz and meets Bruce again: from there they become lovers until his death.[9]


  • Betty Ting Pei as Herself
  • Danny Lee as Bruce Lee
  • Lu Chin-ku as Chao Yueh
  • Unicorn Chan
  • Wong San as Lo Wei
  • Alexander Grand as Rensky
  • Yuen Cheung-yan as Thug attacking Betty in bar
  • Chan Lau as Thug in bar
  • Tino Wong as Thug in bar
  • Chow Yun-kin as Thug in bar
  • Yuen Shun-yee as Stuntman on Movie Set
  • Lee Chiu as Stuntman on Movie Set
  • Yuen Kwai as Thug
  • Chin Yuet-sang as Thug
  • Alan Chui Chung-San as Thug
  • Hsu Hsia as Thug
  • Wong Pau-gei as Thug
  • Ho Pak-kwong as Waiter
  • Nam Seok-hun as Bartender
  • Chan Siu-gai as Extra on movie set
  • Chu Yau-ko as Gambler
  • Fung Ging-man
  • Chin Chun

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