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This article details the filmography of actor Bruce Lee.

Three of Lee's films (Enter the Dragon, Circle of Iron and Game of Death) premiered after his death.


Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1941 Golden Gate Girl 金門女 As an infant
1946 The Birth of Mankind 人类的诞生
1948 Wealth is Like a Dream 富貴浮雲
1949 Sai See in the Dream 夢裡西施 Yam Lee
1950 The Kid 細路祥 Kid Cheung a.k.a. My Son, A Chung. Available on region 1, English-subtitled DVD from Cinema Epoch.
1951 Infancy 人之初 Ngau
1953 A Myriad Homes 千萬人家
Blame it on Father 父之過 a.k.a. Father's Fault
The Guiding Light 苦海明燈 Son as teenager Available on region 1, English-subtitled DVD from Cinema Epoch.
A Mother's Tears 慈母淚
In the Face of Demolition 危樓春曉
1955 An Orphan's Tragedy 孤星血淚 Frank Wong (child) Available on region 1, English-subtitled DVD from Cinema Epoch.
Orphan's Song 孤兒行
Love Part 2 愛(下集)
We Owe It to Our Children 兒女債
1956 The Wise Guys Who Fool Around 詐痲納福
Too Late For Divorce 早知當初我唔嫁
1957 The Thunderstorm 雷雨 Chow Chung Based on the play Lei Yu by Cao Yu
1960 The Orphan 人海孤鴻 Sam
1968 The Wrecking Crew 風流特務勇破迷魂陣 Action director
1969 Marlowe 醜聞喋血 Winslow Wong Also action director
1971 The Big Boss 唐山大兄 Cheng Chao-an Also action director
aka Fists of Fury
1972 Fist of Fury 精武門 Chen Zhen Also action director
aka The Chinese Connection
The Way of the Dragon 猛龍過江 Tang Lung Also director, action director, producer and screenwriter
The film was released after Enter the Dragon in the U.S., hence the title Return of the Dragon.
The Game of Death 死亡的遊戲 Hai Tien Also director, action director, producer and screenwriter
Lee died before he finished his film. It was later pieced together with a different plot in 1978.

Note: The title The Chinese Connection (a play on the then-recently released The French Connection) was originally intended for The Big Boss due to the drugs theme of the story and Fists of Fury was intended for Fist of Fury. When it was exported, the titles somehow got switched.

Released posthumously[edit]

Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1973 Enter the Dragon 龍爭虎鬥 Mr. Lee Also action director and writer
Sent as a spy into a tournament, hosted by a rogue-monk-turned-drug lord.
Released 6 days after Lee's death.
1974 The Green Hornet 青蜂侠 Kato Released 1 year after his death.
1978 Circle of Iron Co-writer
aka The Silent Flute
Film co-written by Bruce Lee who was seeking to illustrate the differences between oriental and Western philosophies.
Game of Death 死亡遊戲 Billy Lo There are two versions of this film, each one with a different plot (the original from an incomplete 1972 film, and the 1978 build doing a "footage mashup"). The original finally was released as a short film in the year 2000.
Lee was shown in incomplete original footage from 1972 plus stock footage from Enter the Dragon and other films.
1981 Game of Death II 死亡塔 Billy Lo/Lee Chen Chiang a.k.a. Tower of Death
Unrelated to the first Game of Death, it was marketed as a sequel in the U.S.
Appears in stock footage from Enter the Dragon and other films.

Television appearances[edit]

Year Title Chinese Title Role Country & Channel Notes
1966 The Green Hornet 青蜂侠 "Kato"  USA - ABC a.k.a. The Kato Show (Hong Kong title)
Where the Action Is Himself  USA - ABC
1967 Batman 蝙蝠俠 "Kato"  USA - ABC Visiting hero
Episodes: "The Spell of Tut", "A Piece of the Action" and "Batman's Satisfaction"
Ironside 無敵鐵探長 "Leon Soo"  USA - NBC Guest star
Episode: "Tagged for Murder"
1968 Blondie "Mr. Yoto, Karate Instructor"  USA - CBS Guest star
Episode: "Pick on a Bully Your Own Size"
1969 Here Come the Brides 新娘駕到 "Lin"  USA - ABC Guest star
Episode: "Marriage, Chinese Style"
1970 Enjoy Yourself Tonight 歡樂今宵 Himself  Hong Kong - TVB
1971 Longstreet 血灑長街 "Li Tsung"
Fight choreographer
 USA - ABC Appeared in 4 episodes: "The Way of the Intercepting Fist", "Spell Legacy Like Death", "Wednesday's Child" and "I See, Said the Blind Man",
The Pierre Berton Show Himself  Canada - Screen Gems
1972 Enjoy Yourself Tonight 歡樂今宵 Himself  Hong Kong - TVB
1993 Fame in the Twentieth Century Himself  UK - BBC
1999 Famous Families Himself  USA - FOX Episode: "The Lees: Action Speaks Louder"
2003 I Love the '70s "Lee"  USA - MTV
2007 La Rentadora Himself  Spain - TV3 Episode: "Be Water My Friend"

Note: All the series produced after Lee's death (1973) feature archival footage of Lee.


Year Documentary Title Chinese Title Notes
1973 Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend 李小龍的生與死 Updated in 1984 and retitled Bruce Lee, the Legend.
The Real Bruce Lee
The Last Days of Bruce Lee
1974 Kung Fu Killers
1976 Bruce Lee, the Legend 李小龍的生與死(下) Golden Harvest tribute, focused on their films starring him. Featured on the Hong Kong Legends Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend DVD.
1990 The Best of the Martial Arts Films 金裝武術電影大全
Bruce Lee - Best of the Best
1992 Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania
1993 Top Fighter
The Life of Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee: The Curse of the Dragon Included on Enter the Dragon DVDs and Blu-rays.
Death by Misadventure
1994 Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview
Cinema of Vengeance History of martial arts cinema, with clips of Bruce.
Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon Biography episode, available on DVD.
1998 Bruce Lee: The Path of the Dragon
Bruce Lee: In His Own Words Featurette on Enter the Dragon DVDs and Blu-rays.
Mystic Origins of the Martial Arts
The Immortal Masters
Jackie Chan: My Story 成龍的傳奇
1999 Century Hero
Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 2
2000 Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey 李小龍:死亡遊戲之旅 Found as special feature on the 2004 DVD release of Enter the Dragon. Also on HD DVD and Blu-ray.
Bruce Lee in G.O.D.: Shibōteki Yūgi Bruce Lee in G.O.D 死亡的遊戲
2001 The Unbeatable Bruce Lee
2002 Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On
The Art of Action: Martial Arts in Motion Picture 功夫片歲月
Jackie Chan: Fast, Funny and Furious
Modern Warriors
2003 Cinema Hong Kong: Kung Fu 電影香江:功夫世家
2004 Dragon: Since 1973 龍:一九七三以後
2009 Sebring
2011 I Am Bruce Lee
2013 Fighter of Death

Note: All the documentaries listed here were produced after Lee's death, therefore all the Lee footage are composed of archive footage and some never-before-seen footage.

Video games[edit]

Year Video Game Title Role Notes
1984 Bruce Lee Himself
1989 Bruce Lee Lives Himself
1993 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Himself
2002 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon Himself
2003 Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend Himself
2010 Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior Himself Smartphone game
Limited release
2011 KungFu Warrior Himself Smartphone game
2014 EA Sports UFC Himself PS4 and Xbox One game
2014 Bruce Lee: Enter the Game Himself Smartphone game
2018 Bruce Lee Dragon Run Himself Smartphone game

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