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Bruce MacGregor is a Scottish fiddler and broadcaster who founded Blazin' Fiddles in 1998 and currently presents Travelling Folk on BBC Radio Scotland.[1]

A pupil of the late Donald Riddell CBE who also taught fellow fiddlers Highland Duncan Chisholm and Iain MacFarlane who both joined MacGregor in the first Blazin Fiddles line up

Albums recorded

Blazin Fiddles - Fire on! (2000)

Blazin Fiddles - The Old Style (2004)

Blazin Fiddles - Magnificent Seven (2005)

Blazin Fiddles - Live (2007)

Blazin Fiddles - Thursday Night at the Caley (2011)

Blazin Fiddles - Six (2014)

Blazin Fiddles - Solo (2014)

Blazin Fiddles - North (2015)

Cliar - Cliar

Cliar Gun Tamh

Cliar Laiser Dhe

Bruce MacGregor - 101 Reasons to do nothing Bruce MacGregor - Loch Ness Bruce MacGregor & Christine Hanson - Kissin is the best of 'A

Bruce MacGregor, Duncan Chisholm & Iain MacFarlane - Portrait of a Highland Fiddler


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