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Bruce Metcalf (born September 30, 1949 in Amherst, Massachusetts) is an American artist who uses different materials including wood, metal, and plexiglass for his works.[1] Metcalf is a supporter of new craftsmen and women's inventiveness in the absence of a degree in a hands-on trade.[2]


He received his B.F.A. in Crafts/Metalsmithing in 1972 at Syracuse University. He also majored in Architecture at Syracuse from 1968-1970. From 1972-73 he attended Montana State University and from 1973-74 attended SUNY College at New Paltz. In 1977 he received his M.F.A. in Metalsmithing and Jewelry at Tyler School of Art at Temple University.

Professional experience[edit]

Grants, fellowships and awards[edit]

Selected museum collections[edit]


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  • Crafts New Borderland: A Grass Roots Movement of Handcraft is Taking Hold[4]
  • The Meaning of Making, Catalogue essay for "Craft as Content: National Metals Invitational", Emily Davis Gallery, The University of Akron, Ohio 1987.
  • On the Nature of Jewelry, in Jewelry Australia Now. Craft Australia Series Publication, 1989.
  • Replacing the Myth of Modernism, in American Craft, February/March 1993, Volume 53, Number 1.

Artist statement[edit]

"These necklaces and brooches represent a recent departure. They are neither narrative nor conceptual jewelry. Instead, I want to make jewelry that is decorative and comfortably wearable. Beyond that, I want these articles to become the center of attention when they are worn, and thus to make their wearers feel exceptional".


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