Bruce R. Davis

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Bruce R. Davis
Born 1939
Adelaide, Australia
Residence Australia
Nationality Australian
Fields Electronic engineer
Institutions University of Adelaide
Bell Laboratories
Alma mater University of Adelaide
Doctoral advisor Eric O. Willoughby
Doctoral students William G. Cowley
Derek Abbott
Notable awards Norman W.V. Hayes Medal (1989)

Bruce Raymond Davis (born 1939) is an electronic engineer, notable for his research in mobile communication systems, satellite communications, and high frequency data communication systems.


He attended Adelaide Technical High School, Adelaide, Australia. He received a B.E. (Hons.) degree in electronic engineering, 1960, a B.Sc. in mathematics, 1963, and the PhD degree in electronic engineering, 1969, all from the University of Adelaide, Australia.


He was first employed by University of Adelaide in 1964. During 1970, he was with Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey, studying various aspects of mobile radio communications and again in 1977, when he was involved in satellite systems research. In 1988, he developed SUGAR—a circuit analysis simulation tool named in allusion to University of California Berkeley's software called SPICE. In 1992, he was a Visiting Scholar with the Communications Division of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), Salisbury, South Australia, and was involved with high frequency data communication systems.


He was a co-recipient of the 1986 IEE Overseas Premium Best Paper Award and winner of the 1989 IREE (Aust.) Norman W.V. Hayes Medal.

Selected publications[edit]

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  • J. B. Scholz and B. R. Davis, "Error-probability estimator structures based on analysis of the receiver decision variable," IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 43, No. 8, pp. 2311–2315, 1995.
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