Bruce Tulloh

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Bruce Tulloh
Medal record
Representing  United Kingdom
Men’s athletics
European Championships
Gold medal – first place Belgrade 1962 5000 metres

Michael Swinton "Bruce" Tulloh (29 September 1935 – 28 April 2018) was an athlete and long-distance runner from England. He won the European title in the men's 5,000 metres at the 1962 European Championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He was also part of a national title winning team Portsmouth A.C. in cross-country and road running in the 1960s. He was famous for running barefoot in many of his races.[1] His twin daughters were teenage running phenomena in the 1980s setting age-best marks running for their club Swindon A.C. They also ran barefoot.[2]

In 1969, Tulloh ran 2876 miles across America from Los Angeles to New York City in 64 days. This is described in his book Four Million Footsteps, published by Pelham Books and as a Mayflower paperback in 1970.

He was coach to British marathon athlete Richard Nerurkar.

He taught biology at Marlborough College for 20 years.

He wrote a book, Running is Easy, that is essentially an amateur's guide to becoming a good runner.

Tulloh also wrote for Runner's World. One of his most important contributions was a three-fold training programme for the ten-mile race. The first programme, provided by Tulloh, was how to get sub-80 mins on a 10M (16K+). That is 4:55/K, for 16+ K. The second program was for sub-70 mins on 10M. This entailed 4:17/K each kilometer of the 16+ kilometers which are the ten English miles.


Tullloh died at his home in Marlborough on 28 April 2018. He was 82.[3]


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