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Bruce Webster

Bruce Webster is an expert on information technology, as well as a software engineer, an entrepreneur and a former game programmer.

Webster is a 1978 graduate of Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in computer science. He also did graduate work in computer science at the University of Houston–Clear Lake in southeast Houston, Texas.[citation needed]

Webster performed the co-design and programming of the original Apple II version of the computer game SunDog: Frozen Legacy for FTL Games. The game was somewhat of a success and is still recognized today as one of the landmark games for early home computers. After finishing version 2.0 of SunDog, Webster quit FTL due to burn-out. His disenchantment with programming was so severe that he did not take another programming job for four years.[citation needed]

Instead Webster went on to write for BYTE and Macworld and taught computer science at his alma mater of Brigham Young University. He later went on to help found another software startup (Pages Software Inc.), where he served as Chief Technical Officer and chief software architect for five years.[citation needed]

Webster is the author of several books regarding programming and the programming process, 150 articles on computer industry analysis and several white papers. He's been an invited speaker at several international IT conferences and is an experienced expert witness in IT matters. In addition, "he has given presentations at private conferences of the World Bank, the US intelligence community, and U.S. Congressional staff. He has testified about information technology issues three separate times before Congress and has provided analysis and documents to Senate and House committees."[1]

Webster is the founder of Bruce F. Webster & Associates LLC, a company which "provides expert analysis in matters involving information technology, with a focus on system development, project failure, intellectual property, web and internet technologies, and software engineering." (ibid)

One of Webster's current[when?] projects is the SunDog Resurrection project, an open-source rewrite of his early game. His original plan was to implement it in Java, but it has since been started in Python without his involvement.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Webster and his wife, Sandra, made their home in Parker, Colorado before moving to Provo, Utah in 2014.


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