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Brudaremossen mast (left) and TV tower (right)

The Brudaremossen mast (Swedish: Brudaremossenmasten) is a 335 metres (1,099 ft)[1] high mast in Delsjön in eastern Gothenburg, Sweden, built in 1980 to replace the overloaded, 20-year-old TV tower.

Brudaremossen TV tower is a 70-metre (230 ft) high concrete tower with a guyed lattice steel mast on its top. The complete structure is 172 metres (564 ft) tall. An observation deck is located 60 metres above the ground in the concrete tower.

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  1. ^ Göteborgs-Posten, 29 november 1995, p. 11, "Antennen är högst i stan"; Den är 330 meter hög, säger Tommy Rosenfors, chef för Stadsbyggnadskontorets arkiv.

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