Brudenell, Prince Edward Island

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Brudenell is a small community located along the Brudenell and Montague Rivers in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Brudenell point, which is located right where the rivers meet, was the site of the Jean Pierre Roma Acadian settlement in the 18th century. This small portion of Brudenell is now a National Historic Site of Canada called Roma Three Rivers.[1] Before being burned to the ground by the English, among many accomplishments, this French settlement built several significant roads on PEI which are still used today.

Later that same piece of land was resettled, and it was the birthplace in 1829 of father of confederation Andrew Archibald Macdonald. [2]


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Coordinates: 46°11′35″N 62°38′19″W / 46.19306°N 62.63861°W / 46.19306; -62.63861