Brule, Nova Scotia

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Brule, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Brule, Nova Scotia
Brule in Nova Scotia
John Myers Cannery in Brule Point, 1906

Brule is a rural community located in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Located on the Northumberland Strait 6 kilometres east of the village of Tatamagouche near the county boundary, the community is situated on the southern shore of Brule Harbour opposite Brule Point.


Brule is famous for numerous fossil discoveries dating to 290 mya, in the late Triassic or early Jurassic Period. The Brule Fossil Museum contains examples of local finds.

The Brule fossil forest is composed of the ancient tree species: Walchia sp. The forest contains fallen logs, as well as about 90 in-situ-(standing) tree trunks, and leaflets or branch fossils. The 'Brule Forest' is the only example of standing trees, or in-situ tree-trunks of Walchia.

Four-footed, tetrapod animal fossil trackways are also found in the fossil rich rocks.

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Coordinates: 45°42′26.1″N 63°1′39.8″W / 45.707250°N 63.027722°W / 45.707250; -63.027722