Brumby Ministry

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Brumby Ministry
66th cabinet of Victoria, Australia
Date formed 3 August 2007
Date dissolved 2 December 2010
People and organisations
Head of government John Brumby
Deputy head of government Rob Hulls
Head of state Queen Elizabeth II
(represented by David de Kretser,
The Governor of Victoria)
Member party Australian Labor Party
Opposition party LiberalNational Coalition
Opposition leader Ted Baillieu
Predecessor Bracks Ministry
Successor Baillieu Ministry

The Brumby Ministry was the 66th ministry of the Government of Victoria. It was led by the Premier of Victoria, John Brumby, and Deputy Premier, Rob Hulls. It succeeded the Bracks Ministry on 3 August 2007, following the retirement of former Premier Steve Bracks and his deputy John Thwaites. Brumby had been sworn as Premier three days earlier on 30 July; he had temporarily been sworn into Bracks' and Thwaites' portfolios until a reshuffle could be arranged.

The ministry underwent three reshuffles since 2007. The first occurred in December 2008, triggered by the resignation of Theo Theophanous: Martin Pakula was appointed to the resulting vacancy.[1] The second reshuffle occurred on 20 January 2010 after Lynne Kosky's resignation. A new position of Minister for the Respect Agenda was created. Pakula took on Kosky's role as Minister for Public Transport, with Peter Bachelor given the Arts portfolio. Lily D'Ambrosio joined the Cabinet as Minister for Community Development.[2][3] The third occurred when Bob Cameron resigned on 7 October 2010. James Merlino became Minister for Police and Minister for Corrections in his place, although Cameron retained the Emergency Services portfolio until the November state election in order to finalise key bushfire reforms.[4]


Office Minister

Minister for Veterans' Affairs
Minister for Multicultural Affairs

John Brumby, MP

Deputy Premier
Minister for Racing
Minister for Industrial Relations (until 28 December 2008)[1]

Rob Hulls, MP

Minister for Information and Communication Technology (from 29 December 2008)[1]
Minister for Financial Services (from 29 December 2008)

John Lenders, MLC

Minister for Regional and Rural Development
Minister for Industry and Trade (from 20 January 2010)[1]

Jacinta Allan, MP

Minister for Health

Daniel Andrews, MP

Minister for Energy and Resources
Minister for the Arts (from 20 January 2010)[2]
Minister for Community Development (until 19 January 2010)[2]

Peter Batchelor, MP

Minister for Police and Emergency Services (until 11 October)[5]
Minister for Corrections (until 11 October)[5]
Minister for Emergency Services (from 11 October)[5]

Bob Cameron, MP

Minister for Community Development (from 20 January 2010)[2]

The Hon Lily D'Ambrosio, MP

Minister for Agriculture
Minister for Small Business

Joe Helper, MP

Minister for Finance, WorkCover and the Transport Accident Commission
Minister for Water
Minister for Tourism and Major Events

Tim Holding, MP

Minister for Environment and Climate Change
Minister for Innovation

Gavin Jennings, MLC

Minister for Planning
Minister for the Respect Agenda (from 20 January 2010)[2]

Justin Madden, MLC

Minister for Police (from 11 October)[5]
Minister for Corrections (from 11 October)[5]
Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs
Minister Assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs

James Merlino, MP

Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development
Minister for Women's Affairs

Maxine Morand, MP

Minister for Mental Health
Minister for Community Services
Minister for Senior Victorians

Lisa Neville, MP

Minister for Public Transport (from 20 January 2010)[2]
Minister for Industrial Relations
Minister for Industry and Trade

Martin Pakula, MLC

(29 December 2008 to 20 January 2010)

Minister for Roads and Ports
Minister for Major Projects (from 29 October 2008)

Tim Pallas, MP

Minister for Education
Minister for Skills and Workforce Participation (from 20 January 2010)[2]

Bronwyn Pike, MP

Minister for Gaming
Minister for Consumer Affairs
Minister Assisting the Premier on Veterans' Affairs

Tony Robinson, MP

Minister for Housing
Minister for Local Government
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Richard Wynne, MP

Cabinet Secretary

Tony Lupton, MP

Minister for Industry and Trade
Minister for Information and Communication Technology
Minister for Major Projects

Theo Theophanous, MLC

(until 28 December 2008)

Minister for Public Transport
Minister for the Arts

Lynne Kosky, MP
(until 18 January 2010)


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