Brumlow Top

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Brumlow Top
Brumlow Tops.jpg
The summit of Brumlow Top, with Snow Gums
Highest point
Elevation 1,586 m (5,203 ft)
Coordinates 32°00′S 151°27′E / 32.000°S 151.450°E / -32.000; 151.450Coordinates: 32°00′S 151°27′E / 32.000°S 151.450°E / -32.000; 151.450[1]
Location Barrington Tops National Park, New South Wales, Australia
Country Australia
State New South Wales
Parent range Mount Royal Range
Age of rock Eocene

Brumlow Top is a hill on the Barrington Tops plateau, in the Mid-Coast Council in New South Wales, Australia.

At 1,586 m (5,203 ft) above sea level,[2] it is the highest point in northern New South Wales.[citation needed] The surrounding area is covered by sub alpine Snow Gum woodland and high altitude swamps and is contained with the Barrington Tops National Park.

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