Brummer Gallery (New York)

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Brummer Gallery
Founded1914 (1914)
FounderJoseph Brummer
Irme Brummer
Defunct1949 (1949)
United States
Key people
Joseph Brummer, Ernest Brummer
ProductsFine arts
OwnerImre and Joseph Brummer

The New York branch of the Brummer Gallery was opened in 1914 by Imre and Joseph Brummer. Joseph and his brothers Ernest were among the most significant art dealers of the first half of the 20th century, dealing in a broad range of art that spanned from classical antiquity to modern art.[1] Their collection included many works from the Middle Ages, Pre-Columbian America, and Renaissance and Baroque decorative arts.[2] Following Joseph Brummer's death in 1947, the gallery closed down in 1949, and its collection was auctioned off over the next three decades.[1]


This is an incomplete list of the exhibitions of modern art in the Brummer Gallery in New York.


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