Brunch (How I Met Your Mother)

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How I Met Your Mother episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 3
Directed by Pamela Fryman
Written by Stephen Lloyd
Production code 2ALH03
Original air date October 2, 2006
Guest actors

Cristine Rose (Virginia Mosby)
Michael Gross (Alfred Mosby)
Charlene Amoia (Wendy the Waitress)

Season 2 episodes

"Brunch" is the third episode in the second season of the television series How I Met Your Mother. It originally aired on October 2, 2006.


When Ted's parents, Alfred and Virginia, come to New York, their visit culminates in a brunch during which everyone is mad at someone else. Lily and Marshall are fighting, Ted is talking to Barney about killing someone, while Robin is telling Virginia to reveal something. Virginia causes a waitress to drop some plates, and Future Ted proceeds to explain events prior to this moment.

  • Marshall and Lily

Future Ted explains that his parents never talked about unpleasant things. Ted's mother invites Lily to dinner that evening, after having invited everyone else, and Lily asks Marshall if he would be uncomfortable if she came. Marshall foolishly says that he and Lily are now like brother and sister; angered, Lily wears a tight, sexy dress to dinner and calls Marshall's attention to her breasts. Marshall gets back at Lily at brunch by flaunting his calves. They then have sex in the bathroom, which causes them to begin arguing about who tried to seduce whom.

  • Barney

Barney is excited to meet Ted's parents for the first time, but is a little put off when Ted tells that he has told nothing about Barney to his parents. Also, when Robin says that no parent would be comfortable with a person like Barney as their child's friend, Barney goes out of his way to be super nice in front of Ted's parents. Alfred and Virginia are both charmed by Barney, and Alfred even becomes Barney's wingman for the night. Alfred ends up making out with Wendy the waitress, and Barney shows the photo of Alfred and Wendy kissing to Ted. Ted angrily decides to expose his father at brunch.

  • Ted and Robin

Robin is about to meet Ted's parents for first time and Ted gives her all necessary pointers. When Virginia approves their decision of taking things slowly, Robin thinks that Virginia does not like her. Virginia tells her the real reason for her distance: she got married too soon and was unhappy in her marriage. She then reveals that she and Alfred have been divorced for some time and have not told Ted. Robin asks her to reveal the secret to all. The focus then goes to the waitress with the broken dishes.

When Ted's father calls the waitress 'sweetheart', Ted confronts his father about kissing Wendy the night before. Ted is surprised at his mother's lukewarm response to the revelation, finally causing both the parents to admit being divorced ten months ago after a two-year separation. They also find out that Ted's father set up his mother with her new boyfriend, Ted's old orthodontist.

Ted is dumbfounded, but Robin is happy that Ted's parents like her. Soon, Ted forgives his parents. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily apologize to each other for acting so childishly. After brunch, Ted asks his parents about his grandmother, who has not answered his calls; both his parents look uncomfortable and change the subject, leaving Ted shocked again at the implication of her death.

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