Brunei–Canada relations

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Brunei–Canada relations
Map indicating locations of Brunei and Canada



Brunei–Canada relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between Brunei and Canada. Brunei has a high commission in Ottawa, and Canada has a high commission in Bandar Seri Begawan.[1][2]


Diplomatic relations were established 7 May 1984 following Brunei's independence.[1][2]

Economic relations[edit]

In 2012, Canada's exports to Brunei amounted to $4.3 million with the most export are in machinery, while Brunei's exports to Canada totalled $6.7 million mainly in organic chemicals.[2] The trade relationship includes commerce across a number of sectors and Brunei become a potential market for Canadian companies particularly in oil and gas sectors, information and communication technologies (ICT), agriculture and agri-food, environment, aerospace and education.[3] Other Canadian companies also has shown interest in investment.[4]

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