Brunei National Solidarity Party

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Brunei National Solidatary Party
Parti Perpaduan Kebangsaan Brunei
President Dr Hj. Mohammed Hatta bin Hj. Zainal Abidin
Founded 1900s
Ideology Melayu Islam Beraja
Political position Center

The Brunei National Solidarity Party (Parti Perpaduan Kebangsaan Brunei, PPKB) is a political party in Brunei. Although legally registered as a political party in Brunei, it has not been able to gain electoral representation as legislative elections have not been held in Brunei since 1962.

The party was registered in 1986 as the first legal political party since independence but was banned in 1988. In 1995, formal authorisation was given to hold a convention and Abdul Latif Chuchu, the former secretary-general of the Brunei National Democratic Party, was elected as its president. In 2002, Dr Hj Mohd Hatta Bin Hj Zainal Abidin was elected the party president.

The objectives of the party include advocating a representative government chosen by the citizens, freedom of speech and the fair and equitable distribution of wealth. In early 2006, the party's president declared that its objectives are consistent with Brunei's national philosophy of Melayu Islam Beraja (Malay Islamic Monarchy).