Bruno of Augsburg

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Bruno (or Brun) (c. 992–1029) was the son of Henry II, Duke of Bavaria (the Wrangler or Quarrelsome) and Gisela of Burgundy. He was the brother of St. Henry II of Germany,[1] the only Holy Roman Emperor to be made a saint. Bruno, formerly a canon of Hildesheim,[1] was Bishop of Augsburg from 1006 or 1007 until 1029. As a bishop, he encouraged his brother-in-law St. Stephen's efforts to convert rebellious pagans to the new faith.

The diocese of Augsburg attained great splendor under Bishop Bruno (1006–20); he restored a number of ruined monasteries, founded the church and college of St. Maurice, placed Benedictine monks in the collegiate church of St. Afra, and added to the episcopal possessions by the gift of his own inheritance of Straubing.[2]


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