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Bruno Barbey is a Moroccan-born French photographer (born 1941). Throughout his four-decade career he has traveled across five continents, photographing many wars.

Life and work[edit]

Barbey was born in Morocco and in 1959-1960 he studied photography and graphic arts at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Vevey, Switzerland. During the 1960s he was commissioned to photograph European and African countries by Editions Rencontre in Lausanne. In 1964 Barbey began a relationship with Magnum Photos, becoming an Associate member in 1966, and a full member in 1968, at which time he was photographing student riots in Paris. He eventually served as Magnum vice president for Europe in 1978 and 1979 and from 1992-1995 as President of Magnum International.

He spent 1979 to 1981 photographing Poland, resulting in his book Poland. He rejects the label of 'war photographer', although he has covered civil wars in Nigeria, Vietnam, the Middle East, Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Kuwait and liberation war in Bangladesh.[1] From 2005 Barbey has, among other work, been pursuing a project on Istanbul.[2]



Publications by Barbey[edit]

  • Naples. Switzerland: Rencontre, 1964.
  • Camargue. Switzerland: Rencontre, 1964.
  • Portugal. Switzerland: Rencontre, 1966.
  • Kenya. Switzerland: Rencontre, 1966.
  • Koweït. Switzerland: Rencontre, 1967.
  • Ecosse. Switzerland: Rencontre, 1968.
  • Ceylan. France: André Barret, 1974.
  • Iran. Jeune Afrique, 1976.
  • Nigeria. France: Jeune Afrique, 1978.
  • Bombay. Netherlands: Time & Life, 1979.
  • Pologne. France: Arthaud, 1982.
  • Le Gabon. France: Chêne, 1984.
  • Portugal. Germany: Hoffmann & Campe, 1988.
  • Fès, immobile, immortelle. France: Imprimerie Nationale, 1996.
  • Gens des nuages. France: Stock, 1997.
  • Mai 68. France: Différence, 1998.
  • Photo Poche. France: Nathan, 1999.
  • Essaouira. France: Chêne, 2000.
  • Les Italiens. France: Martinière, 2002.
  • Maroc. France: Martinière, 2003.
  • 1968, Bruno Barbey. Istanbul, Turkey: Fotografevi, 2008.
  • Italyanlar / Italians. Turkey: Yapi Kredi, 2008.
  • Bruno Barbey's Istanbul. Turkey: Yapi Kredi, 2009.
  • Passages. Paris: La Martinière, 2015. ISBN 978-2732455723. Bilingual English and French.

Publications with contributions by Barbey[edit]

  • Magnum Contact Sheets. Edited by Kristen Lubben.
    • Magnum Contact Sheets. London: Thames & Hudson, 2011. ISBN 9780500544129.
    • Magnum Contact Sheets. London: Thames & Hudson, 2014. ISBN 978-0500544310. Compact edition.
    • Magnum Contact Sheets: The Collector's Edition: Bruno Barbey, Paris Riots, 1968. London: Thames & Hudson, 2011. ISBN 978-0500544129.


  • 1968--Mai 68 (16mm, B&W).
  • 1979--3 Jours, 3 Photographes, directed by F. Moscovitz (about Bruno Barbey, Jean Loup Sieff and Robert Doisneau).
  • 1988--Assignment in Morocco, BBC, directed by Clem Vallance (in conjunction with centenary of National Geographic).
  • 1996--Maroc sans Frontière, directed by Mostafa Bouazzaoui for Moroccan television.
  • 2002--Les Italiens, directed by Caroline Thiénot (betanum, 10 min).
  • 2003--Panoramiques Maroc, Caroline Thiénot (betanum, 12 min).
  • 2005--Grand Angle, 2M, Maroc.
  • 2008--Mai 68 vu par Bruno Barbey, Caroline Thienot


Barbey's work is held in the following collection:


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