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Bruno Faidutti (born 23 October 1961) is a historian and sociologist, living in France, who is best known as an author of board games.

Bruno Faidutti on Igrokon-2018 exhibition

Early life and education[edit]

Bruno Faidutti studied law, economics, and sociology, eventually earning a doctorate in History by writing about the scientific debate in the Renaissance on the reality of the unicorn.[1] His favorite authors are Thomas Pynchon, James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Salman Rushdie, and Umberto Eco, his favorite movie, Andrei Tarkovsky's Andrei Roublev.[1] He came into the world of hobby gaming through Cosmic Encounter and roleplaying games, and was one of the first French Dungeons & Dragons players.[1]


Bruno Faidutti has created and published over 40 board and card games, sometimes in collaboration with other designers.[1] His best known games include Knightmare Chess (1991) and Citadels (2000),[1] as well as Mystery of the Abbey (1993, 2003). He is also involved in the boardgaming community with his "Ideal Games Library" website and personal "Game of the Year" prize. Many of his games are the results of collaboration with other designers.

Bruno Faidutti in action

In the United States, his Eurogame Corruption was released by Atlas Games in 1999.[2]:257 His Citadels was released in 2000 by Fantasy Flight Games,[2]:345 who later released his game Red November in 2008.[2]:350

Selected list of games[edit]


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