Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant

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Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant
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Nuclear power plant Brunsbüttel
Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant is located in Germany
Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant in Germany
Country Germany
Location Brunsbüttel
Coordinates 53°53′30″N 9°12′06″E / 53.89167°N 9.20167°E / 53.89167; 9.20167Coordinates: 53°53′30″N 9°12′06″E / 53.89167°N 9.20167°E / 53.89167; 9.20167
Status Mothballed (Earmarked not to return following moratorium on nuclear power)
Construction began 1969
Commission date July 13, 1976
Decommission date 2007
Owner(s) Vattenfall (67%)
E.ON (33%)
Operator(s) KKW Brunsbüttel
Nuclear power station
Reactor type BWR
Reactor supplier Siemens
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 806 MW
Make and model Siemens
Nameplate capacity 806 MW
Capacity factor 64.1%
Annual output 4,527 GWh

Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Brunsbüttel near Hamburg, Germany. It is owned 67% by Vattenfall and 33% by E.ON. It started operation in 1976 and has a gross power production of 806 MW. During its lifetime, it produced 130,000 GW hours of electricity, about double the electricity production of Austria. The value of this electricity is about 9.1 billion Euros.[1]

As part of the nuclear power phase-out, it was taken out of service in 2007.[2]


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