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Brunswick News Inc.
Headquarters210 Crown St,
Saint John
Area served
New Brunswick, Canada
Key people
Jamie Irving

Brunswick News Inc. is a Canadian newspaper publishing company based in Saint John. It is privately owned by James K. Irving.


Brunswick News employs more than 600 people and operates nearly all of the major print publications in New Brunswick, including three daily newspapers and several French and English language weeklies throughout the province.

Brunswick News operates the following newspapers:



Brunswick News owns 14 English-language weeklies (6 paid subscription, 5 free) and 7 French-language weeklies (4 paid subscription, 3 free).

  • The Tribune (English language) (Campbellton and Restigouche County)
  • La Voix du Restigouche (French Language) (Campbellton and Restigouche County)
  • The Bugle-Observer (Woodstock)
  • Le Journal Madawaska (French Language) (Edmundston)
  • L'Étoile (French Language)
    • Édition provinciale
    • Édition La Cataracte (Grand Falls)
    • Édition Chaleur (Chaleur region)
    • Édition Dieppe (Dieppe)
    • Édition Kent (Kent)
    • Édition Péninsule (Acadian Peninsula area)
    • Édition République (Edmundston)
    • Édition Restigouche (Restigouche)
    • Édition Shédiac (Shediac)
  • Kings County Record (English language) (Sussex, Kings County area)
  • Miramichi Leader (English language) (Miramichi) (Three times a week)
  • The Northern Light (English language) (Bathurst)
  • Here (English language urban alternative weekly distributed to Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton)
  • KV Style (Kennebecasis Valley)


Brunswick News has faced scrutiny due to its concentration of the print media market in New Brunswick. As it is part of the Irving Group of Companies, Brunswick News has faced accusations that its papers are reluctant to publish stories that are critical of the Irving Group.[2] In light of this affiliation, many citizens accuse newspapers owned by Brunswick News of bias, and of failing to cover stories that depict subsidiaries in the Irving Group of Companies in a negative light.

The Irving media concentration of New Brunswick was investigated in the Davey report (1970) and the Davey Committee on combines and the Kent commission (1981)[3] during an era before extensive media concentration took place across Canada in the 1990s; at that time, the Irving concentration in New Brunswick was considered unique in the country's media landscape. The Kent Commission recommended (in section 2.a) the creation of new legislation that would "require the break-up of regional monopolies, such as that of the Irving family in New Brunswick, by prohibiting the ownership of two or more newspapers having 75% or more of the circulation, in one language, in a defined geographical area".

A 2006 Senate report on media ownership in Canada also singled out New Brunswick because of the Irving companies' ownership of all English-language daily newspapers in the province. Senator Joan Fraser, author of the Senate report, stated, "We didn't find anywhere else in the developed world a situation like the situation in New Brunswick."[4] The report went further, stating that "the Irvings' corporate interests form an industrial-media complex that dominates the province" to a degree "unique in developed countries." At the Senate hearing, journalists and academics cited Irving newspapers' lack of critical reporting on the family's influential businesses.[5]

In late June 2019, BNI made news for terminating the contract of political cartoonist Michael de Adder, who created a cartoon unflattering to U.S. President Donald Trump. BNI claimed they had planned to replace de Adder with a reader favourite before the controversial cartoon surfaced.[6][7]

Support of journalism studies[edit]

In 2005, with a donation of $2 million, the Irving family endowed two chairs of journalism in New Brunswick: the Irving Chair in Journalism at St. Thomas University in Fredericton and the Roméo LeBlanc Chair in Journalism sponsored by Brunswick News at Universite de Moncton. An advisory board at each university makes the selections for the chairs.


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