Brush Mountain (Kern County, California)

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Brush Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 7,051 ft (2,149 m)  NAVD 88[2]
Prominence 368 ft (112 m) [2]
Listing Hundred Peaks Section[1]
Coordinates 34°53′04″N 119°13′29″W / 34.8844196°N 119.2248335°W / 34.8844196; -119.2248335Coordinates: 34°53′04″N 119°13′29″W / 34.8844196°N 119.2248335°W / 34.8844196; -119.2248335[3]
Location Kern County, California, U.S.
Parent range San Emigdio Mountains
Topo map USGS Eagle Rest Peak
Easiest route Hike, class 1[1]

Brush Mountain is located in Southern California's Kern County, a little north of Ventura County. It's located in the Los Padres National Forest,[2] a few miles west northwest of San Emigdio Mountain.


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