Brusyliv, Zhytomyr Oblast

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Brusyliv (Ukrainian: Брусилів, Russian: Брусилов) is an urban-type settlement in Brusyliv Raion, eastern part of Zhytomyr Oblast, northern Ukraine. Brusyliv is the administrative center of the Brusyliv Raion, being situated on the river Zdvyzh. It has the status of an urban-type settlement since 1979. Population: 4,958 (2013 est.)[1]

Brusyliv is situated 29 km from the railway station Skochyshche, 56 km from Zhytomyr by railway and by 78 km by highway. First historical mention dates to 1543. Postal code for Brusyliv is 12605 and telephone code is +380-4162 (with international prefix +380). Mayor of the town in 2006 was Leonid Rybets.


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Coordinates: 50°17′3″N 29°31′38″E / 50.28417°N 29.52722°E / 50.28417; 29.52722