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Brute or The Brute may refer to:


  • Brute, a pseudonym of English commercial artist Aidan Hughes (born 1956)
  • "Brute", nickname of US Marine Corps Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak (1913–2008)
  • Brute Bernard, ring name of Canadian wrestler Jim Bernard (1921–1984)
  • Simon Bruté (1779–1839), missionary and first bishop of the Diocese of Vincennes, Indiana
  • Brutus, the cognomen of an Ancient Roman family whose vocative form is "Brute"
  • Bill "The Brute" Sanger, a member of the Cherry Hill Gang, a late nineteenth century New York City street gang
  • The Brute (wrestler), ring name of professional wrestler John Czawlytko in the early 1990s
  • "The Brute", nickname of American jazz tenor saxophonist Ben Webster (1909–1973)
  • Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger, a Roman politician and one of Julius Caesar's assassins

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • BRUTE!, a magazine published by English artist Aidan Hughes who also occasionally uses "Brute" as pseudonym
  • Et tu, Brute?, famous statement by Julius Caesar to Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger, in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar
  • "The Brute", a short story by Joseph Conrad

Fictional or mythological entities[edit]

  • Brute (comics), various characters
  • Brute or Brutus of Troy, a legendary descendant of the Trojan hero Æneas, in mediæval British legend the founder and first king of Britain
  • Brutes (Halo), an alien race in the Halo video game franchise



  • Brute (band), a side project band of guitarist Vic Chesnutt and members of blues-rock band Widespread Panic
  • Brute (album), a 2016 protest album by Kuwait musician Fatima Al Qadiri
  • "Brute" (song), a single from 1995 album, Nihil, by Hamburg-based, German industrial rock/metal group KMFDM


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