Brute (song)

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Single by KMFDM
B-side Revolution
Released October 31, 1995
Format Single
Recorded ???
Genre Industrial metal
Length 21:57
Label Wax Trax!/TVT
Writer(s) Sascha Konietzko, Klaus Schandelmaier, Günter Schulz, Raymond Watts
Producer(s) ???
KMFDM singles chronology
"Juke Joint Jezebel"

"Brute" is a song by industrial rock group KMFDM that was first released on their 1995 album Nihil. It was also released as a single with the song "Revolution" as B-side.

Track listing[edit]

1995 release[edit]

No. Title Mix By Length
1. "Brute (Nihil Original Album-Mix)" KMFDM 4:25
2. "Brute (Kun$t)" Sonofagun 4:15
3. "Brute (In Your Face)" KMFDM 3:34
4. "Brute (Punch)" Sonofagun 4:16
5. "Revolution II" KMFDM 5:27
Total length: 21:57
  • The 12" release contains the same tracks but in a different order.

2009 7" reissue[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Brute" 3:58
2. "Revolution II" 5:24
Total length: 9:22
  • Track 1 is a shorter mix of the Original Album-Mix which does not contain the noise heard at the end of the song. This noise served as a transition to the next song, "Trust".

2014 12" release[edit]

No. Title Mix By Length
1. "Brute (Kun$t)" Sonofagun 4:15
2. "Brute (In Your Face)" KMFDM 3:34
3. "Brute (Punch)" Sonofagun 4:16
4. "Revolution II" KMFDM 5:27
Total length: 17:32