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Bruun is a surname of North Germanic origin. The meaning is brown (brun in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian). In Denmark, the name is known to have been in use since the 13th century in the form Bruun.[1] Other spelling variants are Bruhn and Brun. Today, c. 0.1% of the population carries Bruun as their surname or middle name. The name is also in use in Norway (c. 0.02% of the population), the Faroe Islands and the other Nordic Countries (even less frequent).

In the Danish translation of Peanuts, Charlie Brown is called Søren Brun.


As of 2007, the numbers of bearers of the surnames Bruun, Bruhn and Brun in the Nordic Countries are:

Bruun Bruhn Brun source
Denmark 6382 1540 566 Statistics Denmark
Sweden 320 830 409 Statistics Sweden
Norway 1003 47 999 Statistics Norway
Finland 486 26 41 Finnish Population Register Centre

The infrequent occurrences of Bruun as a surname outside Scandinavia, mainly Germany, Great Britain, Canada and the U.S.,[2] is due to immigration from the Nordic Countries; in Germany possibly as a variation over the given name Bruno.

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