Bruxelles, Manitoba

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Bruxelles, looking Northeast, in 2012.

Bruxelles is a small community located in the Rural Municipality of Lorne, Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 1892 by Belgian immigrants. The name was chosen partially because of the origin of the local settlers and also because it was the home city of the communities first Parish priest, Father G. Willems.[1] The French spelling was chosen because most of the original settlers nearby were French speaking Walloons.

The original town site lay some 3 km (two miles) north of its current location. It was moved because the original town site was considered a poor location.

The community was the setting for the 2003 National Film Board of Canada animated short Louise, which explored a day in the life of filmmaker Anita Lebeau's 96-year-old Belgian Canadian grandmother, Louise Marginet, a Bruxelles resident.[2][3]

Its postal code is R0G 0G0.


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