Bryan H. Carroll

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Bryan H. Carroll
Bryan H. Carroll

13 February 1967
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Bountiful, Utah
Other namesBryan Carroll
Years active29
AwardsNew Media Film Festival award for Best Documentary
2014 Why We Ride
Los Angeles New Media Film Festival award for Best Documentary 2014 Why We Ride

Bryan H. Carroll (born February 13, 1967) is an American director, producer, screenwriter and editor. He is best known for his award winning documentary Why We Ride,[1][2][3] his distinctions from the American Motorcyclist Association[4][5] and contributions to Titanic, Public Enemies, Die Hard, Predator, Collateral, Miami Vice, Ali, Skid Row and The Phantom.[6][7][8]

Early life[edit]

Bryan Carroll was born on February 13, 1967 in Bountiful, Utah where he attended the University of California, Los Angeles Writers Program. His career began early in 1986, when at 19, he began working at CRC, a visual effects company in Hollywood that serviced studios and major production companies. In this company, he interacted extensively with editors and eventually worked his way into the cutting room.[8][9]


Carroll has worked in the roles of director, producer, writer and editor. He has collaborated with directors and producers like James Cameron, Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer, Joel Silver.[7][10][11] Carroll also created the Editexpress - the first mobile film editing trailer for location use on feature films.[10][12]

Director or second unit director[edit]

He has directed or second unit directed several movies, including Why We Ride, Public Enemies, To Ride A Legend, Collateral and Robbery Homicide Division (Season 1).[8][10][11]


He has been a producer, associate producer, co-producer, post production producer, executive producer or executive soundtrack producer of a number of movies including Why We Ride, Public Enemies, Living In The Age Of Airplanes, To Ride A Legend, Skid Row, Miami Vice, Redline, Collateral and the TV show Robbery Homicide Division.[8][10][11][13]


His writing debut was the documentary film on the life of motorcyclists titled Why We Ride. This film has received recognition from critics, viewers and has won several awards.[8][10][11][14]


He worked as an editor on movies and shows including Titanic, Major League III, The Phantom (1996 film), Free Willy, Accident (1993 TV-series), Tales From The Crypt and Last Chance.[8][10][11]


Year Title Credited as
1987 Predator Assistant editor
1988 Die Hard Assistant editor
1989 Road House Assistant editor
1991 City Slickers First assistant editor
1993 The Accident (TV series) Editor
1993 Free Willy Assistant editor
1996 The Phantom Editor
1997 Titanic Visual effects editor
1998 Major League: Back to the Minors Editor
2001 Ali Associate editor
2003 Robbery Homicide Division (TV series) Co-producer (13 episodes), second unit director
2004 Collateral Associate producer, second unit director
2006 Miami Vice Co-producer
2007 Redline Associate producer
2007 Skid Row Executive producer
2009 Public Enemies Co-producer, executive soundtrack producer, second unit director
2013 Why We Ride Director, producer, writer
2015 Living in The Age Of Airplanes Producer

Awards and recognition[edit]

Carroll has been credited in inventing a lot of the workflow for digital photography in motion picture production along with Michael Mann.[15] He has received the following awards and distinctions during his career:

  • Best Documentary 2014 - New Media Film Festival [16][17]
  • Best Documentary 2014, Best Editing 2014, Best Cinematography 2014 - AutoMoto Film Festival [18][19]
  • Family Choice 2014 - Family Choice Awards [20][21]
  • Best Documentary 2014 - Los Angeles New Media Film Festival [22]
  • Best Documentary 2013 - Motorcycle Film Festival [23]
  • Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award 2014, Motorcyclist of the Year 2014 - American Motorcyclist Association [4]
  • 2014 AMA Motorcyclist of the year award from the American Motorcyclist Association[5]
  • Best Documentary 2014 - Portland Motorcycle Film Festival [24]


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