Bryan Malessa

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Bryan Joachim Malessa (born May 16, 1964, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio) is an American novelist. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (BA), the Oscar Wilde Centre at Trinity College, Dublin, and College of the Redwoods (CR). (MPhil). He lives in greater Los Angeles.


The Flight[edit]

In reviewing The Flight (Harper Perennial), set on the Eastern Front (World War II), The Irish Times stated "With this story...Bryan Malessa joins the ranks of [Nobel Laureate] Günter Grass, Rachel Seiffert and others in taking on the major preoccupations of post-war German literature...and the role of literature in history and memory."

The War Room[edit]

In Financial Times, Mark Simpson wrote "Billed as 'an epic investigation into America's underbelly,' The War Room has a Catcher in the Rye quality to it, but without the toxicity."

Other works[edit]

His story "Looking Out For Hope" (Voices of the Xiled, Doubleday, 1994) in memory of Raymond Carver was made into a short film directed by Phil Harder and scored by the rock band Low.

He is also editor of Re/mapping the Occident (University of California, 1995) and a journalist whose best-known piece is a widely cited career retrospective interview “Once Was King” with World Champion and three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond.


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