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Bryan Meehan in October 2012.

Bryan Meehan is an English born, Irish raised businessman who created the popular Fresh and Wild organic stores in London, and more recently, for founding the all-natural Nude skincare range.

Fresh & Wild[edit]

Meehan developed the idea of bringing organic stores to the UK after seeing the Wholefoods Organic Supermarket concept while living in Boston and studying at Harvard. Meehan came back to London in 1998 and set up organic Fresh & Wild stores with Hass Hassan (founder of Alfafas/Wild Oats in US).[1]

Meehan and Hass built the Fresh & Wild chain to 7 stores, the largest chain of natural and organic food supermarkets in the UK. Widely popular with high-income earning Londoners, the stores amassed over 40,000 shoppers a week. In 2004, they sold the business to US based Whole Foods Market for $38m.[2]

Nude Skincare[edit]

Meehan’s new venture 'Nude Skincare', launched in 2007. Using his experience with organic food, Meehan spent two years learning about skincare, building a careful understanding of ingredients and clinical testing.[2]

Good friend Ali Hewson (wife of U2 frontman Bono) is the inspiration, investor and ‘muse’ of the brand and supermodels Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen are keen devotees.[3]

Nude was launched at Wholefoods Market London and Harvey Nichols London in June 2007, and since then it has rolled out into Harrods, Selfridges and Space NK nationally. In 2008 Nude went international, launching into the US through Barneys New York stores, selected Whole Foods Market stores and Sephora stores. It is also sold in Australia and New Zealand through Mecca Cosmetica.[4]

Social responsibility[edit]

With stakes in natural skincare and his previous experience in organic food, Meehan has expanded his social responsibility by co-founding Greenmont Capital, a company thought up by himself and four other entrepreneurs in the green industry. The group funds people who are primarily interested in creating environmentally friendly products. Investments include IZZE soda line, a green bank, and an eco-timber company that supplies green sustainable wood to the building industry.[5]



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