Bryan Versteeg

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Bryan Versteeg
Bornc1975 [1]
OccupationConceptual artist[2]
Known forConceptual visualization of space exploration[2]
Notable work
The animations and illustrations on the Mars One website[2]

Bryan Versteeg is a conceptual artist in the architectural and engineering fields,[2] with particular emphasis on space exploration concepts.

He started work prior to 1992 and has focused on architectural rendering and photography since 2001.[1][3]

He has worked independently since 2006 and in 2011 founded to focus on the conceptual visualization of space exploration.[1][1][2] He owns a company, Bryan Versteeg Studios Inc., in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Versteeg has done work for Deep Space Industries[4] (of which he is a co-founder),[1] National Geographic,[5] New Scientist,[5] Mars Exploration Magazine, Interorbital Systems, the Mars Foundation and Mars One for which he created all the animations and illustrations used on their website.[2]


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