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Bryce Ives (born 11 November 1983 in Ballarat) is a theatre director, commentator and media producer.

Ives has made a significant contribution to youth generated media in Australia, as a former Executive Producer of the ABC Radio project Heywire [1] and former General Manager and President of the Student Youth Network in Melbourne.[2] Ives facilitates the annual ABC Radio Heywire Regional Youth Summitt in Canberra, in 2017 he facilitated his tenth Heywire Regional Youth Summit.

Ives is a theatre director and theatre-maker, and Artistic Director of the Present Tense Ensemble.

Ives was appointed Director of the Arts Academy Ballarat and the Gippsland Centre of Art & Design, the creative art schools Federation University Australia in January 2017.[3]

In 2002 Ives was named Young Citizen of the Year for the City of Ballarat [4]


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