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Districts of Katowice. 11 is Brynów - Osiedle Zgrzebnioka and 12 is Brynów - Załęska Hałda
View of Brynów - Brynowska Street and Kościuszko Park

Brynów is a district in Katowice, Poland. It is located in the south-west part of Katowice and is divided into two subdistricts:

Brynów (German: Brynow) borders the following districts of Katowice: Załęże, Osiedle Paderewskiego - Muchowiec, Śródmieście, Ligota - Panewniki, Piotrowice - Ochojec.

Among the landmarks of Brynów are:

History of Brynów, as a village, goes back to the 15th century.

Brynów has its own train station. There are several major roads and a tram line.

There are several schools, five churches and three supermarkets in Brynów. A small civilian airport is nearby.

Coordinates: 50°14′29.41″N 18°59′43.01″E / 50.2415028°N 18.9952806°E / 50.2415028; 18.9952806