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Bryn Mooser (born September 20, 1979 in Los Angeles) is a humanitarian and filmmaker best known for co-founding RYOT, an immersive media company that specializes in virtual reality documentary. Acquired by Oath Inc.[1] in 2016, RYOT is the leading immersive media company specializing in virtual and augmented reality. As a two-time Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Mooser has overseen the production of more than 200 linear and immersive films created by RYOT. Mooser is also pioneering narrative virtual reality storytelling, launching the first ever virtually realty global news show and comedy series.

Humanitarian Work[edit]

Upon graduating from Bennington College, Mooser joined the Peace Corps in Gambia for agriculture and forestry.[2] In 2010 after the Haiti earthquake hit, he became Haiti Country Director for Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ)[3] and helped build Haiti's largest Cholera center[citation needed] as well as APJ's secondary school in Port-au-Prince, which now educates 2,400 Haitian youth per year.[citation needed]


Year Film Role Release Date
2011 Sun City Picture House Executive Producer October 15, 2011
2014 Meet the Hitlers Executive Producer October 18, 2014
2015 Gardeners of Eden Co-Producer April 24, 2015
2014 Mitimetallica Producer December 5, 2014
2014 Positive Producer 2014
2015 Sweet Micky For President Executive Producer January 24, 2015
2015 Body Team 12 Producer April 19, 2015
2015 The Thousand Year Journey Executive Producer May 2015
2015 Salam Neighbor Executive Producer June 20, 2015
2015 The Unseen Executive Producer 2015
2016 El Púgil Executive Producer 2016
2017 Fear Us Women Executive Producer November 9, 2017

While in Haiti, Bryn directed and produced his two first documentary shorts, Sun City Picture House[4] and Baseball In The Time Of Cholera,[5] produced by Elon Musk and Olivia Wilde. His latest documentary, Rider And The Storm,[6] premiered in April in New York City, his third consecutive world premiere at TriBeCa Film Festival and third film in a row to qualify for an Academy Award.[citation needed]

Mooser also directed and starred in Esquire Network's Brotherhood series.[7]

Awards and nominations[edit]

In 2016, Mooser was a Peabody Award finalist for his work on The Gardeners of Eden.[8] Mooser was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short in January 2016 for his work on Body Team 12. And in 2017, Mooser won 2 Emmys in the News and Documentary chapter for the same film.[9]


Mooser is the co-founder and CEO of RYOT News[10] - a news site that connects every news story to action. Bryn was named one of Esquire Magazine's "2012 Americans of the Year"[11] for his work in Haiti as well as a "Hollywood Maverick" by Details magazine[12] for his documentary work in crisis and disaster zones. Bryn also consults celebrities on their philanthropic goals. Before working in Haiti, Bryn served in the Peace Corps in West Africa and hitchhiked from Bangkok to Berlin. Bryn grew up in Los Angeles, [Laguna Beach], New York City, Maine and Zimbabwe and speaks Creole, Mandinka and parts of other African languages.[citation needed]


Mooser is married to Nora Kirkpatrick. He was previously engaged to actress Maria Bello in 2011.[13]


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