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This article is about the railway station in Oslo, Norway. For the railway station in Wigan, England, see Bryn railway station.
Bryn stasjon - 2013-01-20 at 13-19-30.jpg
Location Bryn, Oslo
Elevation 78.3 m
Owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Trunk Line
Distance 3.89 km
Platforms 2
Opened 1858

Bryn Station is a stop east of downtown Oslo, Norway on the Trunk Line. It was opened in 1858, four years after the line was opened. It is the first station to the east from Oslo S, the next station is Alna. It is 3.89 km from Oslo S, and at an altitude of 78.3 m. The railway runs beneath the east side of the Ring 3 highway at Bryn.

Passenger service to Bryn consists of the local slow train between Asker and Lillestrøm Station (line 400). The train has two platforms. Platform 1 serves inbound trains to Oslo, platform 2 serves the outbound trains towards Lillestrøm.

The station building is the headquarters for the Norwegian Railway Club.[1]

Bryn is located in a largely industrial area, but passenger usage of the station has been rather small. The railway station is close to, but not connected to, the subway station Brynseng. Regulation plans for the area call for the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle path between the railway and subway stations to make train-to-subway connections easier.[2]

In the Norwegian version of the board game Monopoly, Bryn is the fourth railway station on the board, in the spot corresponding to Short Line (Atlantic City version) or Liverpool Street station (London version).

Preceding station Line Following station
Oslo S Trunk Line Alna
Preceding station Local trains Following station
Oslo S L1 SpikkestadOslo SLillestrøm   Alna


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Coordinates: 59°54′29.97″N 10°49′8.20″E / 59.9083250°N 10.8189444°E / 59.9083250; 10.8189444