Bryocella elongata

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Bryocella elongata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Acidobacteria
Class: Acidobacteria
Order: Acidobacteriales
Family: Acidobacteriaceae
Genus: Bryocella
Species: Bryocella elongata
Binomial name
Bryocella elongata
Dedysh et al. 2012

Bryocella elongata is a bacterium, a type species of genus Bryocella. Cells are Gram-negative, non-motile pink-pigmented rods that multiply by normal cell division and form rosettes.[1] The type strain is SN10(T).[2][3][4][5]


According to analysis of 16S rRNA sequence,[6] Bryocella elongata is a member of subdivision 1 of the phylum Acidobacteria.[1] Bryocella elongata SN10(T) forms a separate lineage within subdivision 1 of the Acidobacteria and displays 94.0-95.4% 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequence similarity to members of the genera Edaphobacter and Granulicella, 93.0-93.7% similarity to members of the Terriglobus and 92.2-92.3% similarity to the type strains of Telmatobacter bradus and Acidobacterium capsulatum.[1]

Biology and biochemistry[edit]

Bryocella elongata is an aerobic chemo-organotroph. The growth substrates are sugars and heteropolysaccharides of plant and microbial origin (pectin, lichenan, fucoidan, gellan gum). Type strain Bryocella elongata SN10(T) was isolated from a methanotrophic enrichment culture obtained from an acidic Sphagnum peat. Bryocella elongata is not capable of growth on C(1) compounds, but it can develop in co-culture with exopolysaccharide-producing methanotrophs by utilization of their capsular material.[1] Bryocella elongata is an acidophilic, mesophilic bacterium capable of growth at pH 3.2-6.6 (optimum at pH 4.7-5.2) and at 6-32 °C (optimum at 20-24 °C).[1][2]


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