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1st edition, 2008

B-sides (Original title: Bsider) is a collection of stageplays by the Norwegian author Johan Harstad, published in 2008. It contains four plays, and with the exception of Washingtin focus on the serial monologue (monodrama) rather than the dialogue. The Memoirs Of a Breadman contains 21 diary entries as well as the main story, told in twenty four monologues. Degrees of White consists of four monologues while the monologues in Krasnoyarsk changes in perspective between three characters that never speak directly to one another, though they are together. This play also includes twelve short prose text. Washingtin is a more traditional play, dealing with a man who refuse to accept that he died more than twenty years ago in an 1982 air crash in Washington D.C., and that the two guys coming to help him clean out his apartment aren't really there to help him move, but rather to help him on his way to the afterlife. The title Washingtin is intentionally misspelled, referring to the word "tin" as slang for airplanes and the de-icing of airplanes during winter operations.

In 2009, Harstad was hired as in-house playwright at National Theatre of Norway.