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Btaaboura (Arabic: بتعبورا‎) is a village in Koura District of Lebanon. The population is Greek Orthodox.[1] A church is being constructed as of June 2011, it is dedicated to St. Elias.[2]

After the 2016 municipality elections, Mr. Issam Tamer was elected as president of Btaaboura's municipality council. His family:

  • Issam Tamer(grandson)
  • Nada Tamer(grandson)
  • Lara tamer(granddaughter)
  • Elie Tamer (son)
  • Grace Tamer (Elie's Wife)

In 1997 and on 21 November 2011, Michel Temer, President of Brazil, visited Btaaboura, which is the birthplace of his father, Nakhoul (Miguel) Temer, and mother, Marcha Barbar.[3][4][5][6]


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