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Btaaboura is an Eastern Orthodox Christian village in Koura District of Lebanon. A church is being constructed as of June 2011, it is dedicated to St. Elias.[1]

After the 2010 municipality elections, Mr. Bassam Fouad Barbar was elected one more time as president of Btaaboura's municipality council, followed by 8 more members:

  • Nakhoul beik Saker (Vice-President)
  • Elias Rahbani (Head of Finance)
  • Georges Fares
  • Tony Makdissi
  • Nada Hawat
  • Nizar Tamer
  • Nassim Farah
  • Hanna Hanna

On 21 November 2011, Michel Temer, Vice-President of the Brazilian Republic, has visited Btaaboura, which is his mother' birthplace. The visit was a huge celebration for Btaaboura and was covered by Lebanese media. The event was organised by Mr. Tony Temer, a local relative.


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Coordinates: 34°16′N 35°46′E / 34.267°N 35.767°E / 34.267; 35.767