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Not to be confused with Bangkok.
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 万国
 • Pinyin Wànguó
 • Hokkien POJ Bān-kok
 • Malay Buangkok
 • Tamil புவாங்கோக்
Country  Singapore
Buangkok includes public housing estates in the southern portion of Compassvale in Sengkang New Town.

Buangkok, officially known as Trafalgar, is a subzone located in Hougang, Singapore.

Buangkok was once filled and overcrowded by kampongs and villages that have been demolished just in 2009, with Kampong Lorong Buangkok the only remaining village in the vicinity.


The namesake road Lorong Buangkok was named Buangkok, meaning "united", after the rubber plantation by the settlers. In 1967, a track off Lorong Buangkok was named Lorong Buangkok Kechil.

Although still officially named "Trafalgar", the more conventional name, "Buangkok", still remains in popular use even to this day.


Chinese farmers settled on the land in this vicinity in the early twentieth century. The land belonged partly to the state and partly to Singapore United Rubber Plantation Limited.

When Sengkang was developed in the late 1990s, a large section of Lorong Buangkok was removed for the development of the new town. Today, Lorong Buangkok is truncated into two sections — one located at the west end of Buangkok with its entrance near Yio Chu Kang Road, and the other much shorter section located within Sengkang near Punggol Road.

Public housing estates[edit]

The public housing estates in Buangkok include a cluster of apartment blocks at Buangkok Link in the northern part of Hougang and the southern part of Compassvale in Sengkang.

The housing estates in Compassvale are as follows:

  • Compassvale Arcadia, Compassvale Link - Block nos. 267A-B, 268A-D & 269A-D
  • Aspella, Compassvale Link - Block nos. 275A-D & 277A-D
  • Atrina, Sengkang Central & Compassvale Link - Block nos. 272A-D & 273A-D
  • Coris 1 & 2, Compassvale Bow & Compassvale Link - Block nos. 264A-F, 265A-E & 266A-C
  • Tivela, Sengkang Central - Block nos. 270A & 271A-C


Buangkok MRT Station (NE15) on the North East Line of the Singapore MRT serves the residents of Buangkok. It was opened on 15 January 2006.

Panoramic view of new apartment blocks being built in Buangkok in Hougang Town.


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