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View of the glacier
Map showing the location of Buerbreen
Map showing the location of Buerbreen
Location in Hordaland
LocationHordaland, Norway
Coordinates60°02′37″N 06°25′42″E / 60.04361°N 6.42833°E / 60.04361; 6.42833Coordinates: 60°02′37″N 06°25′42″E / 60.04361°N 6.42833°E / 60.04361; 6.42833

Buarbreen or Buerbreen is a glacier in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county, Norway. It is an offshoot of the large Folgefonna glacier. The small glacial arm reaches down into the Buerdalen valley, just 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) southwest of the town of Odda. The glacier is split into two parts, one on either side of a small mountain peak. Both sides drain into the Jordalselvi river which flows out through the valley into the lake Sandvinvatnet.[1]

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