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Bubanj Potok (Serbian Cyrillic: Бубањ Поток) is a non-residential suburban settlement of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Voždovac.


Bubanj Potok is located on the highway Belgrade–Niš, in the valley of the same name, a section of the valley of the Bolečica river., where many smaller creeks flow into the Bolečica: Bubanj Potok, Zavojnička reka, Vranovac, etc.


Bubanj Potok is named after the creek of the same name and means "drum creek" in Serbian. It is a non-residential settlement which spawns around the crossroads of the highway and the Kružni put, the major road connecting the settlements on the southern outskirts of Belgrade. Major facilities in the settlement include:

  • Belgrade's largest open car market Bubanj Potok.
  • Toll booths Bubanj Potok, which marks the entrance of the highway (from the Niš direction) into the Belgrade. On 13 April 2017 toll booth became defunct as the new one, Vrčin, further down toward Niš was open for traffic.[1]
  • restaurant Bubanj Potok with a large truck parking.
  • several cement plants and some other building facilities in the process of construction at the moment.
  • a vast complex of the military barracks and the training shooting ground "Bubanj Potok", which was heavily bombed and largely destroyed in the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia.
  • major interchange on the highway-Kružni put crossroads will be widened when the Belgrade beltway will be finished and this would be the switchpoint from the highway and beltway to the projected Vinča-Omoljica bridge.
  • In March 2007, Serbian justice minister Zoran Stojković stated that the Belgrade's Central prison will be moved from downtown Belgrade to the new, modern facilities which are to be built in Bubanj Potok.


Coordinates: 44°43′13″N 20°32′29″E / 44.72028°N 20.54139°E / 44.72028; 20.54139