Bubble Bobble Revolution

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This article is about the Nintendo DS video game. For the PSP video game, see Bubble Bobble Evolution.
Bubble Bobble Revolution
Bubble Bobble Revolution.jpg
European Boxart.
Developer(s) Dreams
Series Bubble Bobble
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • JP: November 24, 2005
  • EU: December 2, 2005
  • NA: October 3, 2006
Genre(s) platformer

Bubble Bobble Revolution is a 2D platformer for the Nintendo DS. Developed by Rising Star Games and Marvelous Entertainment, it was released in Japan on November 24, 2005 by Taito Corporation (as Bubble Bobble DS), in Europe on December 2, 2005 by Atari, and in North America on October 3, 2006 by Codemasters.


The game contains both a slightly modified arcade version of Bubble Bobble as well as a new game, Bubble Bobble Revolution, which has improved graphics and sound, but retains the core gameplay style of the classic. It can go two player by having two owners of the game link up wirelessly

However, the game received extremely poor reviews, most notably because of a major software bug present in the new game.

Major bug[edit]

A bug in the North American version makes levels 31-100 unplayable since there is no boss to fight in level 30.[1] However, the company has not recalled the game from store shelves, and the official site makes no mention of this issue.[2] IGN also mentioned the bug on their review of the game.[3] A recent press release from Codemasters confirms that replacement games are ready and will also include a copy of Rainbow Islands Revolution. [1] As of 2013 no formal announcement has been made regarding issuing replacement cartridges.


Due to the game-breaking bug, the game received mostly negative reviews and has a Metacritic score of 38/100 based on 19 reviews.[4] Frank Provo, writing for GameSpot, gave the game a score of 3.6/10, citing lackluster graphics and gameplay and a game-breaking bug.[5]


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