Bubble Yum

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Bubble Yum
Bubble Yum logo
Product type Bubble gum
Owner The Hershey Company
Country U.S.
Introduced 1975
Markets U.S.
Previous owners Life Savers

Bubble Yum is a brand of bubble gum marketed by The Hershey Company.

Introduced in 1975 by Life Savers, the bubble gum was the first soft bubble gum created.[1]

In 1977, rumors began to spread that the gum's soft, chewable secret was the addition of spider eggs.[2] The Life Savers Company addressed the issue with an official full-page rebuttal printed in prominent U.S. newspapers (including the New York Times), to dispel the rumor and restore public confidence.[2] Sales of the gum soon surpassed sales of Life Savers candy, and it became the most popular bubble gum brand.[1] Nabisco bought Life Savers in 1981, and The Hershey Company acquired the brand in 2000.

Bubble Yum's official mascot is Floyd D. Duck, an anthropomorphic punk-style duck character.


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