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Bubblegum Crisis is a role-playing game published by R. Talsorian Games in 1996.


The Bubblegum Crisis role-playing game introduces an alternate setting named "Bubblegum Crossfire", basing on a premise that data units with hardsuit blueprints have been sent to more individuals than just Sylia Stingray, resulting in that by 2033 there are numerous Knight Saber-like groups spread all over the globe.

Publication history[edit]

R. Talsorian Games re-entered the anime-related role-playing game market in 1996 with Bubblegum Crisis, the first of several licensed anime properties produced by the company.[1]:335 Bubblegum Crisis was R. Talsorian's first game to use their new Fuzion system, and according to Shannon Appelcline the game "marked a new push into anime for the company, bringing it back to its roots".[1]:211

The Bubblegum Crisis role-playing game was produced by R. Talsorian Games. RTG's license to produce this game has expired and at present all copies of back stock have been sold.

  • "Bubblegum Crisis: Before and After" (covering material from A.D. Police Files and Bubblegum Crash)
  • "Bubblegum Crisis EX" which includes completely new materials (also incorporating early design concepts for BGC mecha and hardsuits as new variants)


Andy Butcher reviewed Bubblegum Crisis: The Roleplaying Game for Arcane magazine, rating it a 7 out of 10 overall.[2]


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