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Československé armády street at Bubeneč

Bubeneč is a district in the north-west of Prague, located half-and-half in Prague 6 and Prague 7. The main cadastral parts of the Bubeneč are Císařský ostrov, Stromovka (Královská obora) and Výstaviště. The most of the Bubeneč - 52% belongs to Prague 7, but the most of build-up area is situated at Prague 6. The Bubeneč was city between 1904-1921; after 1921 was connected to Prague. Sparta Prague football club and their stadium Generali Arena lie on the south-eastern edge of Bubeneč. The name of Bubeneč is masculine although Czech grammar rules allows to use feminine too.


First note about name of the Bubeneč is dated in the 1197. In the October 26th of 1904 Bubeneč acquired status of the a city.

Coordinates: 50°06′17″N 14°23′54″E / 50.10472°N 14.39833°E / 50.10472; 14.39833